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Protobi creates amazing views of your survey data so you see the answers

Explore and analyze your data, build crosstabs, export to PowerPoint and Excel, and collaborate securely with colleagues and clients. Fast, efficiently, and affordably. A refreshing alternative to traditional crosstabs.

Protobi's core idea is you see the data.
Click to drill in. Drag to crosstab. Scroll to explore.
Significant differences are highlighted so you find the "Aha" moments.

We designed Protobi as the tool we want to use as research professionals. To see the data, find the story, and engage clients.

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Variable and value labels
displayed from data file
Export to Excel
or PowerPoint
Invite colleagues
to collaborate
Click any value to
subset the data


Is Protobi like a tabs package?

Yes, in a new way. Protobi can generate a complete tabs deck to Excel and native charts in PowerPoint. You also get a panoramic interactive view of all the data, you can use yourself and share with clients. Learn more


How does Protobi compare to SPSS?

Protobi plays well with SPSS , R and SAS. Use stats packages to estimate models and for advanced analyses. Use Protobi for univariates, crosstabs, verbatims, recoding, and exploring. Learn more


How does Protobi compare to Excel?

Excel is awesome, but not so much for calculating marginals, crosstabs, formats, or stats tests that survey analysis requires. Protobi exports data, charts and crosstabs to Excel. Learn more


Is human help available?

Definitely. Protobi is like having an extra analyst on your team. We can import and configure the data, show you how to do it, and be on hand for basic and advanced support. Learn more


Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is stored in a HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant repository. We take data protection very, very seriously as we’re used in medical and education market research.   Learn more


What surveys can Protobi analyze?

Qualtrics, Confirmit, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, SPSS Dimensions, or any survey package that can output data as SAV or CSV.  Learn more

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How it works


Upload (or email us) data in SPSS or CSV

Instant interactive

Each data column is an interactive element, with variable and value labels.

Organize, analyze
and explore

Autogroup, collapse, condense, recode, crosstab, and export to MS Office.

Collaborate, present
and deliver

Secure online access for colleagues and clients

SAV Datafile viewer

Need to just read a datafile in SPSS .sav format?
Click here to view an SAV file online for free
Download to CSV or Excel.
It's secure, confidential and ephemeral.
Optionally upgrade to create a persistent Protobi view...

Click to upload

Dashboards that mirror your analysis

Progressively customize the data view to be your client presentation.
And then export or update your presentation in native PowerPoint.

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